About Us

Who we are...

Equestrian Fashion came about when founder, Sigrid, discovered that it was difficult to find fashionable, high quality and AFFORDABLE products in South Africa.

Quality is our passion!

Our horse gear and safety wear is of the best quality designed for maximum wearing comfort. We have made it our mission to offer best quality equestrian apparel, wear, and horse gear at affordable prices.

Appearance, Conformity of Workmanship and strength are vital. With beautiful high-end design, quality fabrics and long lasting strong stitching our fashionable garments will last and look good too!

Great Service is our Pleasure

Equestrian fashion isn’t a big retail outlet that treats quality riding apparel and safety gear as a secondary line. For us, your satisfaction with our products comes first, and comfort and safety of riders and their horses is our passion.

Our customer service is happy to assist you with any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us here sigrid@equestrianfashion.co.za or by phone at (+27) 83 456 0213

Our range - the ESSENTIALS

Our growing range is imported from Europe and the USA, mainly Germany, to satisfy our growing South African market of distinct riders with their unique fashion sense.

We offer classic equestrian fashion as well as modern and contemporary design.